Fourteen companies from the South Moravian Region received yesterday from Governor Stanislav Juránek the Satisfied Customer Award, awarded by the Association of Czech Consumers (SČS). The Professional Commission for Consumer Protection selected from around 100 small and larger companies proposed by the association itself, representatives of local or business self-governments, such as the agrarian or economic chamber, or the public. In the South Moravian Region, this year’s awards were awarded for the second time. “We want not only to solve conflicts between customers and traders, but also to support companies that offer good and high quality services and their customers appreciate it,” explained Libor Novák from the Association of Czech Consumers. The range of award-winning entrepreneurial subjects covered various areas of activity ranging from construction, food production, winemaking, glassmaking to car service or goldsmithing. “We are trying not to be represented by companies and traders from just one or two cities, while at the same time among the winners there is a broad composition of the business,” says Novák. SČS is the oldest consumer organization in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1990, it helps solve the problems of dissatisfied customers and develops legislative activities in the area of ​​business law and customer relationships with the trader.

Awards from South Moravia

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